Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saying about Imam Hussain

Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had said, ‘Let him, who wants to look at the master of the youth of the Paradise, look at al-Husayn bin Ali.’[3]

Ya’la bin Murrah said, ‘Once, we went with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to a banquet we had been invited to. We saw Husayn playing in the road. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) opened his hands and the child began jumping here and there. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) began joking with him. Then he lifted him and put one of his hands under his chin and the other on his head. He kissed him and said, ‘Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn. Allah loves whoever loves Husayn. Husayn is a nation from the nations.’[4]

Salman al-Farisi related, “One day, I went to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and found al-Husayn bin Ali sitting on his (the Prophet) thigh while the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was kissing him on his mouth and saying to him, ‘You are a master and son of a master. You are an imam, a son of an imam, a brother of an imam, and the father of the imams. You are the authority of Allah, the son of His authority, and the father of nine authorities who will be from your posterity, the ninth of whom will be al-Qa’im (al-Mahdi).’[5]