Do Muslims Represent the Thoughts of Muhammad?

To answer this question you should compare between two periods in history; the period when the followers of Muhammad spread all over the world possessing most of it, and there is no question about this fact, and the present period in which the Muslims are a lot yet they are the most humiliated people on earth.

Unfortunately, one has to admit that the people of this period are completely away from the morals of Muhammad and his teachings and wisdom.

The Prophet, for example, forbad lying, bribery, adultery and robbery, and ordered applying justice, without oppressing others, being merciful, supporting orphans and being generous.

Last Messanger of God Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the mercy sent for all Muslims and all mankind, as it is stated in the holy Quran "And We (Allah) have sent you: but as a mercy for all creatures "[21:107].

If you read the sayings of Prophet Muhammad and his deed you will be sure that most Muslims today follow Muhammad only nominally.

Do Muslims accept others (non-Muslims)?

Last Messanger of God Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) concluded some conventions with the Jewish and hold talk with the Christians, this fact is mentioned in the Holy Quran as Allah says: "Invite (all mankind) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islam) with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better" [16:125].

So how is it possible to argue others without meeting them and hold discussions with them in a way that is clearly mentioned by Allah: "in a way that is better", i.e.: with no aggression.

Trade has been held with the Jewish, the evidence for this is that the Prophet Muhammad died while his shield was pledged to a Jewish man, but all this is depending on not being a warrior against Muslims.

The astonishing thing is that fighting for Muslims has an exotic law that prevents them from killing old man , a child or a woman nor to burn a house or cut down any tree, even Last Messanger of God Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) punished some of his companions (Allah bless them) because they did not apply these rights . Even more than that, Muhammad says: [Who slander one of the people of the heavenly books will be revenged on the Day of resurrection with whips from fire

Consequently, if Muslims understand the thought of Last Messanger of God Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), they will deal with the non-Muslims in the same way the Prophet did.

In this series of articles, I will give you some examples of the treasures of the teaching of the Last Prophet Muhammad in order to realize how much does mankind lost by ignoring His teachings.

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